Keep an eye on the street so they stick to their timetable 16.9.2010


We just heard a rumour that the contractors could start early so keep an eye on the street if you’re in the area. It hopefully has no basis in fact. 


Here’s some things that will be happening in the next few days. 

A group of lovely people who have been involved the whole time have started some online things: 



Blog…..(with some background info)
Petition…(PLEASE SIGN THIS___)
Facebook page…. (please join and add a comment)
So these are definitely worth looking at and signing.
Please consider going to the library and writing in the Legacy books – even though I do think it was an insensitive idea to begin with, it is important to counter the QRAP that relatives of council employees will be writing ie the unimaginative line ‘trees grow and then they die’ or some such irrelevant twaddle.
A friend was driving up Laman Street today and saw some Major Backroom Schemers officers from council leaving the library – to think that they could be clogging up the oral history project is so offensive.
I really enjoyed trying to correct the QRAP in my oral history today: I talked to a really wonderful interviewer who has obviously trusted the information she has been fed for the past 9+ months. Sad.
Many of us will be meeting in the street to take photos, enjoy the canopy and keep up the fight. This will start at 5pm on Saturday. Bring the kids, bring the camera,bring the dog, bring your optimism, enjoy the streeetscape that you own and intend to keep.
See you there. Home



One Response to “Keep an eye on the street so they stick to their timetable 16.9.2010”

  1. Jodie McGuire Says:

    I was at the library this morning and there were men there moving the barricades. I think that rumour could be correct.

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