Microbats 14.9.2010


Council’s new arborist drew the short straw last night and was interviewed on NBN telling us how and when our council will take the trees out of Laman Street.

You can see it here. It’s interesting to hear him mention the possibility of microbats. I wonder if there has been an environmental study to prove that there are some.

A microbat called a pipistrelle became extinct on Christmas Island last year. Wouldn’t it be sad if we were contributing to a similar thing here?

There’s a sad letter in the Herald this morning pointing out that it’s spring and asking what is going to happen to wildlife newborn. Some renewal – thankyou to 

  • John Tate
  • Bob Cook
  • Scott Sharpe
  • Graham Boyd
  • Brad Luke 
  • Mike King and
  • Aaron Buman.

I hear that several councillors have requested the environmental report that the infrastructure manager said council had done;  I have lodged the FOI request council insist that I use to acquire a copy of it. It’s interesting that council’s code of conduct say that openness should be a feature of council’s activities since it hasn’t been a feature of any of the Laman Street machinations.

I’ll be able to stand in an empty street reading the environmental report.


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2 Responses to “Microbats 14.9.2010”

  1. Jodie McGuire Says:

    Hi there, I have been watching this tragedy from the sidelines and now feel desperately sad that I have not done anything to try and stop these beautiful trees from being cut down. Is there a planned demonstration on Tuesday 21/9? What more can possibly be done to get a stay of execution, as it appears all reasonable attempts have been made re Heritage order and DA request.

  2. Give a Fig Says:

    Maybe continuous demonstration during business hours outside Sharpe’s Nursery, Alice St , Merewether would have more effect

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