An historic day 13.9.2010


Today council announced that Laman Street will be closed to traffic next Monday 20th Sept 2010 and the tree felling will start on Tuesday 21st. It’s expected to take 3 weeks to remove the trees and to grind the stumps to nothing.

How’s this for an example of respecting the community:

“Council is also working on a place activation program to offer activities and events in the street. There were many excellent ideas that came out of the Laman Street Civic Precinct Design Framework Charrette for activities in Laman Street and Civic Park, including entertainment, kids events, L!vesites activities and others. We have taken this feedback on board and will develop a Step Into the Cultural Precinct summer holiday program.

The Step Into the Cultural Precinct program will run until the new trees are planted in the growing season around April – May 2011.

Good luck getting people to go to Laman Street in summer. The heat will be unbearable. And this:

Council will be removing the trees in stages to reduce any potential impact on local fauna.

“The first thing we will do is remove the crown and upper branches of the trees. Then we will remove trunk sections where tree hollows are present. The final stage will be to grind the tree stumps and make the area safe for pedestrians and motorists,” says Mr Cordingley.

One of many that will go now

And don’t forget to sign the Sorry Books at the library – council tells us it’s important these trees be remembered…

The councillors who voted to fell trees that are not theirs to destroy are

  • John Tate
  • Bob Cook
  • Scott Sharpe
  • Graham Boyd
  • Brad Luke 
  • Mike King and
  • Aaron Buman.

The arborist who advised them on the idea was Phil Hewett.

The people who will live with their decision will be us, our children and our grandchildren.  Home



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