Root pruning in Swan Street 9.9.2010


Council’s curb-and-guttering guerillas team have visited Swan Street and this post is to let you know about it.

Remember when Hunter Water cut a root in Laman Street and we had to wait two weeks for an arborist’s report? Remember how they closed the street when that happened?

Remember the Newcastle Voice Laman-Street-Vision correspondent who recalled the circumferential root pruning in Tyrrell Street years ago that is probably the cause of tree failures there?

Remember the branch that clipped a resident’s arm in Swan Street and how she then had to be counselled for two hours to have the tree removed? I wonder if it was obvious the tree was rotten beforehand. (Which hasn’t happened – the stump is there to remind us treehuggers of how dangerous these 22-tonne monsters can be.)

Well, there was a pesky root in the way of a new gutter: not any more.

It’s the tree closest to the north-western corner if you want to have a look on a tree-tour walk. Imagine all the complaints they must have had about how messy those roots looked. I love the way fig roots take years to pour over a gutter.

Imagine the root-pruning that could be about to take place all over town. I actuallywonder whether there’s a policy of neglect in Swan Street in spite of our new chief arborist telling us on the news that they’re Watching streets like Swan Street. They must be watching from afar because the canopy has quite a few smallish dead branches in them and there was at least one decent-sized branch on the ground – that I wouldn’t have liked to be underneath when it dropped off its perch.

One of the councillors emailed me a few months ago to tell me that branches do fall out of trees. Apparently, he’s right.More later.  Home



2 Responses to “Root pruning in Swan Street 9.9.2010”

  1. smiler Says:

    From the NCC website
    Laman St: “Managing the Hills Figs in road reserves”
    ….”the trees were subject to treatment that would not meet current standard practice. This included…repeated cutting and wounding of their supporting roots.”
    So how does the NCC chief arborist and Director of Assets justify ongoing “cutting and wounding of supporting roots”?

  2. Doug Lithgow Says:

    Don’t look for too much rational thinking in the tree management department. It doesn’t work that way.
    Council prunes roots but for some reason will not maintain trees with sensible branch pruning and maintenance when required.

    The Civic Precinct is an important Cultural and Heritage place and requires special sensitive sensible and quality landscape treatment.

    Is it too much to ask our elected Councillors to exhibit its proposals for Laman Street so that the people of Newcastle can actually see and have a say in what is proposed and formally submit evidence to the obviously exaggerated risk assessment of those important 14 trees?

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