Independent Arborist’s report 1 9 10


Wish me luck trying to upload this report. It’s such an interesting read and I’m really happy that this is available for councillors so that they can make a decision based on all the information.

Laman Street arborist’s report final draft

Gosh. How easy was that?

It’s hard to pick a favourite bit but if you only look at one thing look at the page of the fig with no lateral roots that is somehow managing to stand upright and probably has for a couple of centuries. The size of the file is 75.9KB.

More later. Home

10pm: Sorry: the picture of the fig without lateral roots was an appendix I’ll upload tomorrow. Sorry.


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3 Responses to “Independent Arborist’s report 1 9 10”

  1. Ali Says:

    NCC Councillors have made a wrong decision based on incorrect information. Credit to you for ensuring that they at least now have correct information. This new information coming to light should ensure that proper process & procedure is urgently reviewed .They certainly cant claim they havnt been told.

  2. Ali Says:


  3. Awesome Guy Says:

    Good Luck. I love Ficus! Arborist Brisbane

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