Marketing a la Newcastle City Council 23.8.2010


I have to share with you this fantastic view of the Tate Gallery Newcastle Regional Art Gallery.

It just screams ‘Come in and see what’s inside’, doesn’t it? There’s a beautiful exhibition on at the moment which has, among other things, some wonderful early paintings of Newcastle.

Greg Ray wrote a great column about council’s war on tree’s in Saturday’s Herald. You can read it here There were some sad letters in the paper last week as well about the planned removal of the two rows of trees. No doubt we’re all in the Vocal Minority.

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One Response to “Marketing a la Newcastle City Council 23.8.2010”

  1. sharon Says:

    It seems now that the majority of Councillors have voted to cut down the beautiful, well-behaved fig trees in Laman Street, the danger to human life has increased.

    The Art Gallery business has been sabotaged even further with enormous plastic barriers stopping easy access to the front door and giving a formidable “keep out” air about that side of the street. That side must be more dangerous than the park side, or Art Gallery & Library patrons lives more important than park and sidewalk meanderers??

    Go figure!

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