2 minute post before I go to work 19.8.2010


Arrived home from work last night to find a sign pinned to the front door saying, ‘Caity Brokovich lives here: we love you mum’.

It was a lovely end to the day.

The trees are still there for a little while so if I were you I would walk and ride and drive up that street as often as you possibly can. Take some photos to show your grandchildren. Take some photos that the Council can put in their cultural collection.

I managed to do an interview with NBN news without crying so that was something to be proud of.

The Herald did a poll yesterday asking whether council has made the right decision and of 386 people who voted at the last time I looked 68% said they had made the wrong decision.

You’ll be interested to know that a council manager yesterday said they recognise that people will need time to grieve. Thanks for your generosity.

The Lord Mayor was quoted in an interview as saying that the tree vaults will enable the trees to send down large tap roots. I must spend another six or eight months reading about tree roots because tap roots isn’t what most trees have or what holds them up. Bonsaied Hill’s figs here we come.

I’ve had emails from more optimistic trusting souls than myself who are disappointed in what seems to have been a lack of transparency. They must have a less cynical outlook than me.

There was a fantastic interview on ABC radio yesterday just after 11 between an engineer from Newcastle Uni and Carol Duncan. He said that if one of his students had handed in as an assignment one of the major QTRA reports on Laman Street he would have failed them because it was so flawed.

I have to go and have my photo taken for posterity in front of those beautiful trees.

I’ll try to write more tonight. Home



2 Responses to “2 minute post before I go to work 19.8.2010”

  1. Ali Says:

    Caitlin Raschke for Mayor!
    Tenacity Vision & Insight.
    Im confident there will be a vacancy coming up very soon.

  2. sharon Says:

    ……..and you’ll have my vote!!

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