I know where you can get some good mulch 17.8.2010


Council tonight voted to turn the Hill’s figs in Laman Street into mulch and have a single row of Hill’s figs down the middle of the road.

Needless to say this takes a bit of mulling over. A friend said I should think overnight before I write a post, but let’s face it, I do like to go on somewhat so: the meeting was interesting  –  enough to make you marvel at what makes some people tick. Some minor points only tonight.

Of course, it turns out that liquidambars were indeed a clever distraction. Allegedly people at the charette in March had talked about winter sun being needed in Laman Street – I suspect it was a council luminary who likes the sound of his/her own voice rather than a community member who wanted this  – and allegedly council was thinking of liquidambars because they can get those now whereas they couldn’t source certain other trees. Yeah, whatever. Keep saying it. Someone will believe you.

Just like a council ‘expert’ told us that the roots on the radar report were reflections in the bitumen, the roots on the TV news shotws were in another street, and the trees at the top of Tyrrell Street weren’t dangerous because they were a different height.

And just like they said on the news tonight* that King Street’s trees were taken out a few weeks ago because they were ‘unstable’. A council manager told me 6 months ago that the block was being ‘done up’ and that trees would go. They must have known about the instability for a long time then, and tolerated them. Imagine a small unstable paperbark. The only hazard I can think of is a splinter. (The council’s website about these trees was more interesting: it said the trees had been assessed by the arborist and they had to go. It made it sound as though the arborist had assessed them as being fine but they had to go anyway…)

Here’s a couple of  interesting facts:

  • 400 community members sent in submissions before the charette. 96% of those submissions wanted to keep the trees. Charade.
  • Energy Australia need/want to do some major work down one side of LamanStreet and there are drainage issues on the other side of the street that need to be fixed. Bummer – there are some trees in the way.
  • some -possibly most – elected councillors think ‘moving forward’ and making a decision, no matter what that decision is – just don’t take any longer about it – is more important that making the right decision. Let’s call it a ‘hard decision’. Voters like that.
  • the council document that informed councillors of a summary of the issues said councillors had given feedback on the options but at least one councillor reported that she knew nothing about that feedback and hadn’t been asked for any herself.
  • council can be very happy that their risk management approach (fences, barriers, ugly signs, lots of monet spent making the street look like QRAP)  has been effective in that it has given some councillors an excuse to vote to rip out the trees. It wore many people down.
  • there was yet more talk at tonight’s meeting about Hunter Street in the CBD needing revitalising. Our Lord Mayor has been in council for the thirty years that this has been talked about. You’d think he’d have the answer.

What do you think would have happened if the council had said to the community in Tyrrell Street in 2004  and Laman Street now, ‘We want to replace/upgrade some electricity cables and if we come along these streets with beautiful trees rather than find an alternate route we’ll save ourselves some money, but we have to rip out the trees to do so’?

I guess it would have depended if Master Chef had been on television at the time. The opiate of the masses.

Much safer to talk about – well, safety.

More tomorrow. Cheers. Home


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One Response to “I know where you can get some good mulch 17.8.2010”

  1. sharon Says:

    ….and it all mounts up to 14 piles of mulch outside the TATE GALLERY.

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