Tell ’em they’re dreamin’ 14 8 2010


Did you see the movie ‘The Castle’?

There’s a wonderful line where the dad, when told the asking price of something his son had seen in the paper – something really silly that they would never need or want,  like a pulpit – says to his son, ‘Tell ’em they’re dreamin.’

Well, council managers are dreamin’ when they suggest a row of liquidambers for the middle of Laman Street. Yes – liquidambers.

Renowned for being a feed tree for native birds. Not. Renowned for being the shape of a Hill’s fig. Not. Renowned for being a famous Australian native tree. Not. Renowned for being local to this area. Not. Renowned for providing habitat for endangered wildlife. Not. Renowned for not being the cause of trip hazards. Not.

Everyone who reads today’s Herald article screws up their face and with an upward inflection in their voice and a tilt of their head questions the choice.

My theory is that council managers have deliberately made a moronic choice that doesn’t suit Newcastle at all, so that we’ll all say, ‘Anything but liquidambers – Ok: cut the Hill’s figs down. Only one row of trees? As long as there are no liquidambers.’

They couldn’t be so stupid as to suggest an exotic tree, so this is yet more spin.

We had ten options for tree replacement two weeks ago, this week we have two, neither of which is satisfactory. What terrorist training school do these people go to? I have to go to a concert. More tedious detail later. Home



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