What’s happening? 12 8 2010


There’s a Ward 2 community forum coming up – it’s at 6pm on Tuesday 24th August 2010 at South Newcastle Leagues Club. Residents can address council on the topic of their choice for three minutes.And in case you didn’t know, the NSW Privacy laws have changed to make it easier for members of the public to gain access to information. So the Office of the Information Commissioner is running a ‘Right to information Roadshow’. It will be in Newcastle on Friday 20th August 2010 at the Town Hall from 1130 to 1230pm. – see www.oic.nsw.gov.au

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are giving away their money; ‘Forty wealthy families ..have joined… Bill Gates and billionaire investor Warren Buffett in a pledge to  give at least half their wealth to charity.’ (The Herald 6th August 2010)

And charity will be sorely needed because of the terrible floods affecting millions of people in Pakistan.

And to segue badly from that to something incredibly comfortable and happy, it’s the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s death. Here’s a concert in Newcastle to celebrate.

In Toronto poison is thought to have killed rainbow lorikeets which were found around the fig trees in the main street. These are the same fig trees whose removal is desired by some locals. I suspect they’re waiting to see how successful Newcastle council will be with Laman Street.

Magpie nesting season is almost here and this article tells you how to cope with it. If you worry about how your stack-hat looks wait till you see how adorning it with cable-ties looks. I love this: ‘it’s a good idea to avoid known magpie territories.

“If this is not possible the next best thing is to walk directly and confidently past nesting areas. The birds will often simply observe you from the trees until you pass.’

The annual Walk against Warming is on this Sunday at 12:00 starting in Wheeler Place and the annual conference of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW is being held in Gulgong on August 28-29. It’s being hosted by the Mudgee District Environment Group which is trying to save a formation called the Drip Gorge which is covered by a mining lease.

And did you know you can buy a shark as a gift? The Nature Conservation Council says to make sure you tell them the name of your shark. Love the picture of the stubbie cooler with ‘Save Fluffy’ on it. More soon. Home


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