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Today’s paper had an article about the fate of the Laman Street figs coming back to council (to which I can’t find a link at present – sorry).

The article quoted the Lord Mayor as saying he is ‘embarrassed‘. Surprisingly, he’s not embarrassed about his idea to chop the trees down and carve them into celebrity likenesses.

He’s embarrassed that council hasn’t yet made a decision about the trees. Don’t you love it when what’s more important is to get things over and done with rather than look at them carefully and question what is instinctively questionable advice. And don’t you love it when some councillors usually of a certain age and gender and political persuasion pride themselves on ‘Making The Hard Decisions’.

It reminds me of reading about Bathurst in central western NSW where the council  voted this week on whether to hand over control of  a memorial row of WW1 trees – desert ash trees in O’Connell Avenue – to the Heritage council. Councillors mostly thought it was more important to keep control of the trees than to protect them.

(You can read about an earlier sad episode – when some of the trees were poisoned – on treeworld here and the sadness of another example where the RSL let down former soldiers – again here:   ‘RSL says O’Connell trees not a memorial’.)

Back to Laman Street. The other councillor who was quoted in The Herald said he regretted supporting the rescission motion that has so far saved the figs. So I sent him an email.

‘I note your comments in the Herald this morning.
1 Perhaps if the charette had been about Laman Street as the community wanted instead of Civic Park as the Lord Mayor wanted it would have been more useful and perhaps if it had not been held during the working week you may have had the opportunity to attend and see how the community felt. Many Ward 1 people as well as people through the whole of the LGA feel strongly about this issue and will feel even more strongly if the trees are removed without similar trees that form an arching canopy (not tuckeroos or lillypillies or red cedars or Kauri pine) in two rows along both sides of the street being planted in their place.
2 If some real arboricultural advice that thought outside the box  had been sought rather than simply using the charette to push [a certain]  agenda to rid this town of all its mature trees some conclusion would have been reached.
3 Mr Marsden’s report says the trees may become unsafe in the next 5-15 years based on the fact that he says the trees have no roots, which was countered by the radar investigation.The only tree judged to need removal straight away is judged this way because it’s a different species and therefore less valued and could possibly be at risk of instability if a neighbouring tree is removed.
4. The trees lost in the Pasha Bulker storm were removed by [council], they didn’t fall down. Elected councillors moved to have those replaced in September 2008 but were ignored.
5. The trees that fell in Tyrrell Street fell because they had their roots cut circumferentially by council workers according to an account on council’s website.
6. The original talk about the safety of Laman Street’s trees started with the planned knock-down of the Art Gallery. The trees were plainly in the way of the new design. That hasn’t been an option for some years and so should take us back to the beginning.If the real issue is infrastructure problems caused by mature trees then council officers need to say that, not come up with [arguable] information about the safety of the trees. There have been no disclosures of damage in Laman Street.
7.The city has a talented arboricultural team. They just need the opportunity to look after our heritage and green space.’    Home


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