Laman Street won’t be turned into Legerwood Street


One of the attractions at this week’s council meeting was discussing the Lord mayor’s suggestion that the 80-year-old fig trees in Laman Street be chopped down and their stumps carved into sculptures.

For more on this see Forget the Big Banana, we can have the Big-Celebrity-who-left-Newcastle. An article in the Herald about this was fantastic because it was followed by at least four appalled letters to the Editor. Timely stuff, considering it’s coming back to council next week in the form of a presentation to councillors about the design workshop on the issue.

I mainly wanted to hear about street tree management , which I’ve written about, but I would have loved to stay to hear the sculpture idea.

It was defeated 12-1.

The other thing I didn’t mention was that the new city arborist was at the presentation on street tree management. He gave a nice example of well- versus poorly-grown stock and had some tuckeroos as examples. The councillors were also shown some examples of council’s software on street tree mapping and planning. It would be lovely to have this available on council’s website.

Trip hazards and trying to minimise them consume loads of council resources. I read a lovely little item about large trees in pavements in New Orleans. There’s the most wonderful picture of a tree that’s old and huge and valued surrounded by the most cracked pavement you’ve seen in a while. Take a look here.   Home


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