Council discussing Street Tree Maintenance


At today’s council meeting a briefing will be given on street tree maintenance.I hope part of this will be the issue of community consultation. I wrote to all our councillors suggesting this.

Council field numerous calls every day about tree issues. I’ll wager they get lots of calls when trees are removed. I wonder how much staff time – and therefore money – they could save if they implemented a system similar to that used by many councils whereby residents are alerted to proposed tree removals.

Marrickville, for example, has a tree notification page where feedback is invited from community members. Trees are signposted so that nearby residents are given sufficient notice to contact council for details about the reasons for tree removal. They also post arborist reports on their website when it’s appropriate, as has Newcastle council in relation to the Laman Street figs and Port Macquarie-Hastings council in relation to the Hastings Street figs.

Anyway, council will be discussing trees at 5:30pm in their usual room – go to the second floor, turn left; wear whatever you like and leave whenever you like. There are a number of interesting things on the agenda, mind you, and you may find it more interesting than you would expect: support for equitable distribution of mining royalties, Merewether Beach Public Domain Plan and Response to Greenpeace Request on Coal Fired Power stations.

Here are some ‘before’ photos of  part of King Street to show those trees called unsafe in The Herald today. (See yesterday’s post.) The media release on Council’s website just says

‘ the existing trees have been assessed by Council’s arborist and need to be removed.’

They could have been assessed as being fantastic examples of food trees for birds or having another twenty years in them, yet one of the non-arborists decided the trees had to go regardless of the assessment. We’ll never know unless we put in an FOI request and there are only so many battles one can fight. Cheers.   Home


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