Council to paint over graffiti art


Industrial buildings in Miami

In Newcastle this month every councillor but Greens councillor Michael Osborne voted to paint over the legal graffiti wall at South Newcastle skate park.This surprised me a bit but I haven’t been down there to have a look – according to an article in The Star ‘not everyone was sticking to the rules’ and there were tags in places where they weren’t supposed to be. I’ll go and have a look over Easter, but it seems to me that if you take away a council-sanctioned graffiti wall, others are going to spring up.

The picture above is from an article I read about on twitter from the New York Times about a developer who has revitalised areas in New York and elsewhere, and who has turned his sights on an industrial neighbourhood in Miami. It looks beautiful. Compare that to the poor boarded-up and fenced-off informal shooting gallery that is the Empire Hotel site (see last post).

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Part of the High Line Project in New York


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